CS Streams At MITBLR

CS Streams At MITBLR

Jun 25, 2023 02:01 PM
This blog attempts to compare the different CS specializations at MIT Bangalore, along with a preference order and FAQ.

Comparing The Streams

For each Computer Science stream that has a specialization, note that the specialization only makes up 10% of the syllabus. This difference is shown below, with links to each course structure.
It deals completely with the core of computer science, including the history of computers and their evolution. Cutoff-wise, it is ranked above all other streams.
This stream is popular due to the recent growth of the AI industry. It covers the fundamentals of ML, along with neural networks and deep learning.
This stream focuses on building data models in a statistical and analytical approach. The specialization syllabus can be quite intensive compared to others.
With the growth of the AI industry and data on the internet, the cybersecurity field is always in demand. It deals with networks and their different management/security systems.
Other than these, MITBLR also features Information Technology (IT) and Electronics & Computer Engineering (ENC) as options.
  1. Cutoff-wise, IT is rated below the CS-related streams. While the CS streams work towards building new features/software, IT works towards maintaining that software, along with its network and background systems.
  1. ENC is a new stream that I’m not familiar with, but it is well-known that Electronics has a large amount of syllabus. Unless you are interested in the stream specifically, I would advice against it.
After all this, the generalized stream preference is as follows.
NOTE: No matter the stream, you can always land a software engineering job with the right preparation for the interview. The CS streams have syllabi that will naturally help you prepare for this - but if you can’t get into CS, it does not close your options for placement.


Does the fee structure differ for the streams?

No, the fee structure remains for all streams, specializations or otherwise.

I have Rank ‘XYZ’ in MET. What should I aim for?

Below is the cutoffs for the 1st Round of MET counseling.
Rank Cutoff (MITBLR)
CSE (Core)
CSE (Artificial Intelligence)
CSE (Cyber Security)
CSE (Data Science)
Information Technology (IT)
Electronics & Computing (ENC)
If your focus is only on MITBLR, you should choose based on the next best course you can get as per your rank. If you have an interest in a specific stream, give it a priority.

I don’t care about Specializations. What should my Preference List be?

Having an interest in any subject would mean that you would be able to focus better on the syllabi, to get a better result in the future. So I’d advise making sure that no specialization appeals to you above others.
If you still find that any stream is fine for you, then this is the general preference trend as per the cutoffs.

How much harder is ‘X’ Specialization compared to ‘Y’?

Each specialization has its own difficult, grueling and easy subjects. What you find easy might not be simple for others:
  1. AI will require you to understand Machine Learning.
  1. DS will need you to train Data Models.
  1. CY will make you understand Cryptography, and the different types of cyberattacks.

Will ‘X’ Specialization give me a higher package?

All specializations listed above have a high demand in the industry, with packages reaching never-seen-before numbers. In the end, your placement depends on your hardwork and your projects. Just choosing a stream won’t make you reach that high package.
If ever in doubt, you can use the generalized preference I mentioned as per your rank.